Pete Lee is a San Francisco-based director and photographer. Lee grew up in Taiwan during the golden age of Hong Kong cinema and learned filmmaking by watching and copying Jackie Chan movies. He spent his twenties working with homeless youth in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. These early experiences shaped his approach - always looking to balance kinetic stories, humor, and a lil' tenderness in everything he shoots.

His photographs have been featured in New York Times and Vice Munchies. Lee’s short film "Don't Be a Hero" premiered at Sundance Film Festival and will be playing in the festival circuit through the end of 2018. Currently, Lee is developing his first feature while prepping for a cookbook project with restaurant, Mister Jiu’s - both set in the San Francisco's Chinatown. On his days off, Lee fundraises for those impacted by the housing crisis and attempts Mariah Carey songs on the piano.